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Bowling Tour to Isle of Wight 22nd - 25th April 2019

Isle of Wight Tour Photographs

On a warm Easter Monday 22nd April 2019 morning, the Tour Party assembled in the car park at the Lymington Car Ferry to the Isle of Wight. Greetings were exchanged as members congregated outside the ferry terminal café sipping excellent creamy Latte’s.

The intended travelling group was 33 members but unfortunately, a couple were unable to make the tour as Friday one of our lead bowlers had fallen awkwardly on the beach during a sand castle build, injuring his back. Arrangements were made before we travelled for the host clubs to loan us a player.

As ferry boarding commenced Tour organizer Paul became concerned over the non-arrival of two cars transporting five tourists. While driving on board a text received to advise both vehicles had travelled on the earlier ferry, instant FINES for all five passengers!

This therefore set the scene for a week of fun and fines based upon miss demeanours of varying kinds. Ably policed by Richard and the many “informers”, President Jim had an almost full charity box by the end of the week. Members were even being fined on the final morning for not being fined the previous four days!

Everyone made it by various routes to the car park at the Shanklin Beach Hotel, located on the sea front esplanade at Shanklin. Although an older Hotel it was clean with reasonable food for breakfast and evening meals, plus very helpful staff. They also provided after dinner entertainment, guitarists/singers of various competences and a one game Bingo. We sang along when a song was recognised and we had one Full House winner at the bingo, a great round of drinks was enjoyed. Not all sea view rooms but even those with a view of the carpark at the rear of the hotel became quieter as the week progressed!! Read on.

Tuesday morning after breakfast a Crazy Golf session attracted a number of entrants with two main groups of players. Despite Wilko taking a significant lead Mo and Barrie eventually won their respective group; Paul being pipped by Barrie at the final hole when his golf ball was somehow caught in the very large water (river) trap!

When returning the bats to the kiosk a discussion with the course owner about our visit ensued. We then discovered that the esplanade road works taking place further up the (dead end) road from the hotel were on all week. The section in front of the hotel and the entrance/exit of the carpark to be closed the next day for the rest of the week!!

That morning and every morning after was spent liaising with the leader of the work party on their schedule and were we could park our vehicles each evening. We then updated the hotel staff; they were struggling with a coach party from South Wales.

The bowling went well and although it rained Wednesday morning the three games were played in dry conditions.


Tuesday 23rd April 2019 at Camp Hill BC - WON 111 - 99

Wednesday 24th April 2019 at Plessey BC - WON 135 - 97

Thursday 25th April 2019 at Cowes Medina BC - LOST 113 - 115

On Tour awards are presented to the highest and lowest scoring Rinks in each game. The four members of the bottom rink received a (large and bright) Bow Tie each and at the final game the bottom Rink received a (similar) larger Tie each. The recipients’ required to wear their awards at the next two hotel meals and admirably did so. Each Top Rink player was presented with an inscribed Fridge Magnet and was free to stick them where ever they wished.

Points were awarded to all Rink members from the Top Rink to the Bottom Rink in each game. This resulted in Jenny winning the Top Lady Bowler award and Reg the Top Men’s Bowler with maximum points! Well done to both, Jenny in her first season of taking up bowling and Reg, who had manly worked through the Tour with a nasty cold following his and Helen’s mountain trekking the previous week in Snowdonia.

The Tour Party enjoyed a wine reception at the hotel prior to dinner on the final Thursday evening. Following dinner we held a tremendously well sponsored raffle (from tour members) raising substantial funds for the club, thank you to everyone.

Fines on the final day went to Paul for going down to breakfast one hour early, excuse claimed to be the heavy night before celebrating the raffle and Ian’s 70th birthday. Others caught were the passengers in the three vehicles who boarded the earlier ferry back to the mainland. They were unaware of their last minute involvement until their next visit to Knyveton. Fine rules were Lymington Ferry Car Park to Lymington Ferry Car Park.

Many thanks to the volunteers for looking after: Fines; Raffle; Club Flag and the three Captains of the Day. Namely, in order of appearance: Richard; Ron/Tim/Mike; Jefferson; Tony/Robin/Wilco PLUS, thanks to the whole Tour party that helped to make the week so enjoyable.




Knyveton Gardens Presentation Evening

Friday 21st October 2016

The annual Presentation evening was held at the Elstead Hotel with a superb dinner followed by the 2016 Season Competitions Presentations and then dancing to the Hotels Disco. Some 79 members and their guests attended and enjoyed a very good evening. Our thanks to the staff at the Elstead and our organisers, Tony and Reg Davis, whose adlibbing with the microphone system was an entertaining interlude prior to the presentations.

Club AGM at The Club House

Sunday 27th November 2016

27 members attended the AGM to review the past year and look at the prospects for the 2017 season.

In 2016 the performances unfortunately were not as consistent as hoped in the B&D Saturday Leagues, cumulating in the relegation of the 2nd Team (A) back into the 2nd Section, after only one season in the 1st Section. The 1st Team likewise failed to improve on their 2015 Section 1 third position and finished fourth. Disappointing as the points difference over the top four teams was quite close. However, credit goes to the 3rd Team (B) who, after a slow start, finished third in Section 6. The two promoted teams above them were new to the B & D Leagues this year and basically "1st Teams" of their respective clubs.

Congratulations also to Knyveton T who won Section 2 in the Tuesday night Triples and promoted to Section 1, joining our two top teams there, Knyveton and Knyveton A.

Discussions were held about concerns on the viability of both the bar and café to continue in their present forms. It was agreed by members present that the bar would dispense with the draught beers and sell bottle and can beers. Volunteers for bar duties were still required.

Wendy, the café manageress, had kindly agreed to continue running the café, albeit with only morning openings and closed on Sundays. The Meeting thanked her.

For 2017 the Club membership has reduced giving rise to vacancies for a number of Club Officers. However, members have responded by filling these positions, including the new President Jim Flexman. The one exception was Treasurer and the meeting was finally closed with a request for members to consider this position prior to the Spring Meeting on Sunday 5th March 2017 at 11:00hrs.

Knyveton Gardens Bowling Club AGM at the Clubhouse

Bill Taylor's 100th Birthday Bash

June 2016

Two years ago (2014) the Webb site pictured the “Oldest Bowler in Town”, our own Bill Taylor at 98 years old. The following year (2015) Bill attended the Club for the opening of our refurbished café by the Mayor of Bournemouth, Councillor Chris Mayne. Bill took to the green with the Mayor for a bowling session together with the Club’s youngest player (15 years old) Lewis Brimble. See photographs below.

This year on Sunday 15th May 2016 Bill celebrated his 100th birthday.

In appreciation of both his birthday and continued membership of Knyveton Gardens bowling club a celebration buffet was arranged for Bill on Saturday 14th May 2016. This was held at the club, following the first teams Bournemouth and District First Section win against Fordingbridge BC, when additional members of Knyveton joined Bill and members of his family for the celebration.

Two weeks later, Sunday 29th May 2016, Bill turned out for Knyveton in a friendly against a team from Merthyr Tydfil, South Wales, see photograph below, again with Lewis.


Bill’s celebration photographs.

Mayor of Bournemouth Visit - Knyveton Gardens Bowls Club

Bill Taylor and Lewis Brimble 2015

Bill Taylor, celebrating his 98th birthday.....The Oldest Bowler in Town

Oldest Bowler in Town 2014

Arrival of Bill with Club Members 2016 - Knyveton Gardens Bowls Club

Arrival of Bill with Club Members 2016

Bill Taylor 100 years old! - Knyveton Gardens Bowls Club

Oldest Bowler in Town 2014

Bill in the Bar - Knyveton Gardens Bowls Club

Bill in the Bar

Bill with Club Secretary Tony Davis - Knyveton Gardens Bowls Club

Bill with Club Secretary Tony Davis

The Cards - Knyveton Gardens Bowls Club

The Cards

Bill and granddaughter Julie start the Buffet - Knyveton Gardens Bowls Club

Bill and granddaughter Julie start the Buffet

Lewis Brimble (16 years old) with Bill Taylor (100 years old) Sunday 29th May 2016 - Knyveton Gardens Bowls Club

Lewis Brimble (16 years old) with Bill Taylor (100 years old) Sunday 29th May 2016

Club Scrabble Night

June 2015

Quiz Night on 7th June 2014 at Knyveton Gardens Bowling Club

Waiting for the Green to open

May 2015

Waiting for the Green to open - Knyveton Gardens Bowls Club